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Black Friday, The Irony


Black Friday, The Irony

Olivia Johnson

Macys - Black Friday

Thanksgiving, A time when millions of Americans give thanks with turkeys, mashed potatoes, and grandma’s famous pumpkin pie.

But is Thanksgiving losing its mojo because of Black Friday?

What is Black Friday?  Most people would describe it as a day when you can get all the best deals for Christmas presents, but in all honesty it is just a day for thousands of Americans to act like barbarians over useless junk that they don’t need.

Typically, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving, but in previous years sales have started as early as 6pm on Thanksgiving. 

But what about the employees that have to work on Thanksgiving? Has anyone thought about them?

Most store employees everywhere will be working all day on Thanksgiving, just so we can rush into the stores, trampling on another to buy the junk that we don’t need.

Because of our ridiculous needs, we are forcing people away from their families on a holiday that we are supposed to celebrate surrounded by family.

All in all, is Black Friday really worth it?  Next time you think about that “to die for” deal, remember that you are forcing a person to be away from their family on Thanksgiving.