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Grace Filley

Interstellar, an adventurous sci-fi film written by Christopher Nolan, focuses on the life of a former NASA pilot Cooper. A widowed father, raising two children with only the help of his father-in-law, Copper works as a farmer growing the Earth’s only sustainable crop, corn. 

Copper has anything but an easy life, but soon, the living conditions of the planet become much worse.  At the same time, Cooper’s desire for scientific exploration is growing.

Through a series of extraordinary events Copper finds himself in the company of an old colleague, Professor Brand. With this reunion, Copper is offered the chance of a lifetime. If Cooper accepts this unexpected opportunity, he and a team of trained scientists will go into space tasked with the mission to find a new planet that has the ability to sustain human life.

Taking the opportunity, Copper and his fellow crew members depart for deep space, completely unaware of what they will soon discover. They are faced with complications throughout their travels, both with their own personal lives and those related to their mission.

With each planet they visit, intensely dangerous situations confront them, including continuous skyscraper-high waves of water, extreme cold temperatures, a drastic time difference of 1 hour on Earth equal to 7 years on one planet, and a crew member from a past mission with questionable intentions.

One theme that remains constant throughout the movie is fifth dimensional space. The fifth dimension is said to be another dimension that is visible as a curvature in a space time that has one fewer dimension. This dimension plays a critical role in the salvation of the human race.

This nearly three-hour long movie is full of incredible visuals and thought-provoking ethical questions. The characters use complicated physics and philosophical ideas to try and decide what they are going to do in times of need.

One must view this movie with an open mind ready to contemplate the moral dilemmas and science behind the movie.