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Maze Runner

Grace Filley

The Maze Runner, originally an award-winning novel written by James Dashner, has recently been released in theaters as a highly-acclaimed dystopian film.

                  The storyline follows a young boy named Thomas, who enters an unfamiliar setting known as the Glade with no remembrance regarding any of his past except his name.

                  In this mysterious and unfamiliar setting, Thomas meets many other boys who have been in the same situation as he: being delivered to Glade with no knowledge of their previous lives or of why they are there.

                  Surrounding the Glade is the Maze, a constantly changing environment which has been intricately designed to keep the boys trapped inside the Glade with no hope of escape. Creatures of unknown origins lurk in the passages of the Maze at night, promising death to anyone who encounters them.

                  In an effort to find out why he and the other boys are there, Thomas takes drastic actions that no one has ever taken. He travels into the Maze to see what mysteries it beholds.

                  Director Wes Ball has taken this best-selling story and perfectly depicted the tale on the big-screens of movie theaters across the country. High quality CGI and renowned actors such as Dylan O’Brien, as seen on MTV series Teen Wolf, and Kaya Scodelario, as seen on British television series Skins, provide the audience with an in-depth experience of what life is truly like inside The Maze.

                  This movie will have the audience jumping out of their seats, and even laughing at the strategically placed aspects of comedy throughout the movie.

                  Even the majority of the audience who have read and enjoyed the book will endure the surprise of unexpected plot twists that occur during the film.

                  The Maze Runner is guaranteed to meet, if not exceed, the expectations of movie-loving thrill seekers everywhere.