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Aladin Jr. @ Civic Theatre


Aladin Jr. @ Civic Theatre

Lauren Bayley

The Civic Theatre of Greater Lafayette premiered the famous musical Aladdin Jr. on the weekend of November 14, 2014 under the direction of Neil Radtke.

After many weeks of preparing, the cast and crew were delighted when they found out that their musical had sold out three weeks before the premiere date.

Many people gathered for the early Thursday night premiere, where the members can get over any last minutes jitters they may have over the musical, although this did not seem to be the case being as their performance was energetic and without major errors.

Brendon White, a senior at Harrison High School, did a great job portraying the lead character, Aladdin, with his enthusiasm and style.

White has had a long history of acting that helped him prepare for this particular musical.

This has been White’s twelfth production, and seventh in which he was the lead, although this was his first time starring in a Civic Theatre production.

“[Working on this musical] was a lot of fun,” said White. “Usually we have so much time to prepare, but with this one we have had to hammer down and it had been a great experience. Also, getting to learn everybody’s name and getting to know people that I have never even met before, it was awesome.”

The cast and crew had a lot of fun putting together this Disney classic, and will have many memories to share for years to come.

White recalls a comical moment that happened in their first few weeks of rehearsal.

“The first time Aaron Walker and I did “Friend Like Me” he hit me and knocked me over in the middle of the song.”

The show reflected the hard work and passion that these members and the director had for their performance.

Many of the cast and crew from this production will continue to stay involved in theatre, whether it be through Civic or their schools.

White is one of these, as he intends to audition for The Wizard of Oz, the spring musical this year for Harrison High School.

“I would love to continue doing this after college,” said White. “I am probably going to major in theatre arts.”

The cast, crew, and director deserve a big round of applause for the work that put into this family musical.