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Holiday Gifts Under $50.00


Holiday Gifts Under $50.00

Kelsey Cochran

There is no need to break the budget this holiday season when shopping for friends, family, or significant others.

Gift cards are always an option, but can be boring.

Here are a few items under $50 for gentlemen:

This watch is not only water resistant, but unique. The best part? This sophisticated watch is only $35. Find this model and more at .





This cool graphic tee is not only a blast from the past, displaying the cast of the classic baseball movie, Sandlot, but is slim and trendy. It is only $24 and there are plenty more tees similar to this one to choose from at .



Despite the stearotype that all women are expensive, here are a couple ideas that ARE under $50:

This sweater, available in multiple colors and styles, is warm and perfect for the winter season. It’s very functional, which makes it worth every cent and it is under $50. Find this sweater and many more at .




No girl will turn down a new purse, whether it’s small and detailed or large and simple. Shoulder bags seem to be the most practical for girls between the ages 15+, and come in various sizes, shapes, and patterns. This particular bag is only $27.90. You can find this bag and all sorts of styles at .



Not sure what what to buy? Here are a few gifts that can be considered unisex and are still under $50:

Vinyl is becoming a very popular music choice. It is the only part of the music industry whose sales increased in the past year (by 3%). Of course, it is essential that you know the music interest of the person you’re buying for. You can find vinyl for sale at Von’s and Amused on Purdue’s campus or at JL Records at Wabash Landing and the Levee.

POSTERS! Honestly, who doesn’t appreciate a huge poster representing something they love and admire? The best part is that posters are almost ALWAYS under $50. Why you’re at it, you might as well use the money you’re saving to get yourself a new poster as well.