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Purdue Christmas Show


Purdue Christmas Show

Grace Filley

Each December the students of Purdue University partake in the annual Purdue Music Organization Christmas Show that started 81 years ago. Only 200 hundred people attended that first show, now the number of attendees reaches nearly 30,000 thousand.

This year the show began with Rudolf, having a dream. He is dreaming of what it will be like at his first day in the North Pole with his friends. Realizing he can make anything he wants happen, he and the other reindeer in the show break out into song and dance.

While at the North Pole, Rudolf and his friends meet all of Santa’s reindeer. Some are mean to the new recruits and others a kind and welcoming.

The show follows the traditional Rudolf story line while adding humor and many different songs to make it new and exciting.

As part of the Christmas show, many different musical numbers are performed. These songs are not only performed by Purdue students, but by children and teenagers as well. Singing, dancing, and bell playing were all talents displayed in this year’s show.

Since Purdue does not have an option to major in music, these students are doing the show purely out of their love for singing and the arts. Their singing and acting are quite professionally performed.

Going to the Purdue Christmas Show will easily become a tradition of yours and your family’s once you see it. This performance is sure to get you in the Christmas spirit!