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2015 Global Globes Article


2015 Global Globes Article

Maya Vemulapalli

As most people know, this year’s annual Golden Globe Awards, run by NBC, was recently broadcasted for the 72nd time. 

Although this Hollywood awards show can be considered one of the more informal, the Golden Globes are telecast to 167 countries worldwide, and rank as the third-watched yearly award show. An average of 20 million viewers gather around their TV’s to watch the broadcast each year.    

Hosting this year’s show were beloved comedians Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, who delivered both hilarious as well as controversial jokes, including many jests satirizing North Korea.  Some rather crude humor regarding Bill Cosby’s recent infamy was also made, arousing gasps and nervous laughs from the audience of celebrities at the event. 

Many of the nominees that attended this year were being nominated for their first time, and talents such as John Legend—among many other skilled music artists and actors—won their first Golden Globe that night.

As often occurs during acceptance speeches, many emotions were evoked from the audience, but no speech was comparable to that of Hollywood Foreign Press Association President Theo Kingma, who earned a standing ovation for his remarks on free speech.

The most acknowledged event of the night had to be the acceptance of the Cecil B. DeMille Lifetime Achievement Award by world-famous actor George Clooney. With a short video of Clooney’s filmmaking and humanitarian achievements, an acceptance speech in which Clooney gave his many thanks, and a few more awards, speeches, and tears, the night came to a close.

Although many are unsatisfied with the results, a majority of viewers considered this year’s Golden Globes a success, and audience numbers are expected to grow for next year’s show. 

Max Malavenda, a viewer of this year’s show, stated, “Personally, I thought there have been better shows in the past, but I’m excited to see what the Globes will be like in 2016.”