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Artists To Watch


Artists To Watch

Kelsey Cochran

Joshua Powell and the Great Train Robbery is an indie/folk-band that places its origin in Anderson, Indiana.

They consist of three men and four instruments and create music that brings you back to American roots.

Their songs tell stories and anecdotes of their lives and experiences together as a band.

Joshua Powell, lead singer and guitarist, was born in Indiana but his music portrays slightly southern themes and peacefulness of the coasts.

One of the most unique qualities about the band is that they can create a custom song for you.

When contacted, Joshua Powell will ask details that you want included in the song and who or what you want it to be about.

Within 30 days they will personally email you the high quality song.

Their most recent LP, “Man is born for Trouble”, brings listeners back to folk roots.

The band spent their time perfecting this album in Indiana, performing for any coffeehouse and bar that would allow them.

On February 7, Joshua Powell and the Great Train Robbery made an appearance at Greyhouse Coffee House in West Lafayette.

The crowd was attentive and respectful and made a good connection with the band as they “rocked out”.

The band is taking a breather and moving out to Colorado in order to experience a new atmosphere and continue making traditional American music for all to love.