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Lauren Bayley

Netflix has gone through many major improvements in the past few years, and the beginning of 2015 has been no exception.

The company, which started off as a DVD mailing service, has started off this year with many changes to the website including in some new features and adding and taking away a variety of movies and shows.

The original content coming this year from Netflix was plentiful, including at least 17 original series.

These are ranging from a comedy with Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin called “Grace and Frankie” to a science fiction series called “Sense 8” from the Wachowski siblings.

“Bloodline”, “Daredevil”, and new seasons of ‘House of Cards’ and ‘Orange is the New Black’ are also being added.

Along with all of these, Netflix is also adding an easier way to access content with the “Last Call” bar.

This new feature will allow subscribers to see more clearly which shows and movies are about to be rotated out of the library so that viewers can watch and keep up with shows before it is too late.

To add to all of this excitement, the website has also announced a partnership with Dish Network where Dish users will have the option to access Netflix with the same remote control, device, and video input as their regular television.

Netflix subscribers who use Dish will be able to access this starting in 2015.

With all of these changes, the Netflix website has never been more popular, and will continue to entertain people in as many ways possible.