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Unfriended Movie Trailer


Unfriended Movie Trailer

Lauren Bayley

An entire movie told through the computer screen of a teenage girl.

It doesn’t really sound like a scary movie, does it?

Well believe it or not it is, and it is creepy.

This movie is about a video that went viral about a drunk girl who was acting extremely inappropriate and ended up passed out on the ground.

This video triggered hundreds of comments to the girl, Laure Barns, calling her horrible names and telling her to kill herself.

And that is exactly what she did.

A month later a group of friends who knew Laura decided to get on a Skype call together.

It seemed normal at first, but then an unknown account joined the call and their “normal” call turned out to be the last thing these high school students ever did.

This movie has been in cinemas since Friday April 17, and it has gotten a decent amount of hate.

Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic both gave this movie 3 out of 5 stars.

They commented on how the movie was a clever use of a computer screen, but, “you may end up rooting for the killer.”

Although the reviews were not extremely positive, some students at Harrison disagree.

“I think that “Unfriended” was one of the best horror films that have come out recently,” said senior McKenna Sinnott. “The use of the MacBook as the screen was really clever. The movie gives you chills and messes with your head. It also sends the audience a strong anit-bulllying theme. I would definitely recommend it.”

This horror film has definitely brought a new and current take on ghost hauntings and the power of technology.