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Deadpool Review


Deadpool Review

Sam Arvin

                Deadpool is not a typical superhero movie.

                Tim Miller hits a home run in his directing debut, leading Deadpool to becoming the second biggest debut for the first installment of a superhero movie, behind The Avengers in 2012.

                A hilarious superhero movie, Deadpool is not like anything I have ever witnessed.

                Although I am not a huge fan of superhero films, Deadpool did more than just entertain.

                Not only is it hysterical, Deadpool is the single raunchiest superhero movie I have seen.

                Ryan Reynolds plays a smart-mouthed, hot-headed mercenary named Wade Wilson who is mutated by an evil scientist named Ajax, played by Ed Skrein.

                Wade Wilson, or Deadpool, has an accelerated healing ability, making him virtually invincible.

                A classic superhero plotline, not supported by the classic superhero.

                Deadpool does not have the same moral compass as the others in the X-Men universe, and it is easy to make a contrast against a couple of lesser-known X-Men make an appearance in the film.

                Adding to the list of what is unique about Deadpool, is the breaking of the fourth wall.

                On multiple occasions, Deadpool comically speaks to or acknowledges the audience, not usually seen in superhero films but an effective tool in rousing the audience into laughter.

                Both of my comedy and action needs were fulfilled and then some by Deadpool.

                And just as I had forgotten, the great Stan Lee makes his surprise appearance, a staple in Marvel films. Although this time it was a little unorthodox.