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Sausage Party Review


Sausage Party Review

Sam Arvin

Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg will go down in history for concocting an epic grocery-store sized tale.

The movie Sausage Party is a raunchy, animated comedy that centers on a romantically involved hot dog and hot dog bun, voiced by Seth Rogen and Kristen Wiig respectively, but surprisingly confronts many controversial societal issues.

The trailer for the film pokes fun at animated family movies by portraying a gleeful grocery store full of talking food, voiced by nearly all of today’s well-known comedians, but it quickly takes a dark and twisted turn when the food is purchased and taken home to be eaten.

This is a terrifying and hilarious experience from the perspective of the food, who expect to live a happy life at their new owners’ home but are soon victims of a savage food genocide at the hands of their supposed protector.

Frank and Brenda, the hot dog and hot dog bun, are accidentally left in the grocery store which catalyzes their fateful journey across the store in search of the truth.

Humans are considered gods who will take the food to “The Great Beyond,” which is a metaphorical heaven, but this notion is questioned by Frank who seeks the truth about their so-called “gods.”

This is where Rogen hones his atheistic beliefs and begins to expertly satirize today’s racial, religious, and socioeconomic issues, and he calls on all of his comedy buddies to help him convey his messages.

Frank wants to disprove the other perishables’ faith in “The Great Beyond” by showing them what happens when they leave the store with the humans, but he doesn’t know how.

The opposition that Frank faces while on his quest represents all people of faith, which Sausage Party portrays as ignorant to the truth.

Yes, this concept is controversial and highly offensive to many people, but the audience seemed to take it light-heartedly.

Modernism and realism in society have made atheistic beliefs much more common than they were in past decades.

The audience also enjoyed the racial jokes and slurs that fit right into the dialogue.

Ingeniously, each food represented different races, all of which paralleled the radical attitudes and conflicts of today.

A heated rivalry raged throughout the film between Kareem Abdul Lavash and Sammy Bagel Jr.

Their banter was hilarious, but they also represented the hatred between Israel and the surrounding Arab nations, a timeless feud that has escalated in recent years, becoming an international security issue.

Another example is a character named Grits who has a grudge against white people. Although a crude example, this is a satirical metaphor for the African American population and their animosity toward racism.

The film accrues an impressive list of racially charged jokes, but still has the underlying message challenging the belief in a god.

Sausage Party is an intelligent and over-the- top comedy, but do not let the cute animated groceries fool you.

Rating: 8/10