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Rogue One Review


Rogue One Review

Tim Stephens

When Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’s first trailer appeared shortly after The Force Awakens, fear and anxiety struck a multitude of the fans, including myself. Was Disney going to start pushing out Star Wars movies year after year despite the quality of the film?

Despite the fear, fans were pleasantly surprised with the film’s great characters and the emotionally captivating acting. It is a story that keeps you on edge when everything is at risk.

The best characteristic of Rogue One is that you could take out anything that shows it is a Star Wars movie, and it would still be spectacular.

With Star Wars, The Force Awakens lots of the enjoyment was from the hype that was building up after each trailer or interview, and the hype was definitely well deserved.

The Force Awakens also had lots of fan service since it was the first Star Wars movie in nine years.

Obviously fan service is great, but if a movie with a die-hard fan base can stand alone by itself, then it is definitely worth seeing.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story takes place before A New Hope, when the Empire is just starting to fully oppress the galaxy.

The rebel alliance is still composing a plan to destroy the Empire, before they destroy everything, and when a group of rebels, a blind monk and his heavy gunning best friend, and a smart-aleck robot figure out that the Empire has been creating a planet killer known as the Death Star, they also discover there is a hidden trap to destroy the entire station.

Their mission is to retrieve the plans for the Death Star to find that weakness.

The only complaints I have with Rogue One is the CGI on the characters that either passed away or were much younger when the original trilogy was made. The fans will  understand if you need to find a different actor to play a younger version of General Tarkin instead of using CGI to make a version of him that just looks off, especially when you have close ups of his face so many times.

Other than that one complaint, Rogue One is amazing. It has great characters and a great story.

RATING: 9/10