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Grave Digger - Healed by Metal Review


Grave Digger - Healed by Metal Review

Tim Stephens

    For lots of music listeners, metal has not been a go-to genre. The biggest mistake of early metal listeners is not slowly introducing themselves into the music. It’s not a very good idea for someone who has only listened to AC/DC to jump right into grindcore or black metal.

    Metal is a genre you want to start out with the lighter, more melodic albums, and Grave Digger’s Healed By Metal is a great starter for anyone interested in getting into metal.

    This album may get a bit stale while listening to it, but Grave Digger has been around since the 1980s, so changing the sound that fans have loved for years on end would mean putting themselves in a corner of backlash, and if that’s what they enjoy to play, more power to the band.

    Healed By Metal’s performance is pretty standard for heavy metal, with its layered, beautiful choruses. The lyrics sound as if vikings were chanting about how godly they are on the title track, “Healed By Metal.”

    Some listeners may be turned off by the darker lyrics on songs like “Laughing With the Dead” or “Kill Ritual,” but if those songs turn you off with their lyrics, metal may not be the best genre for you.

    The main problem with Healed By Metal is its lack of variety, not only in its lyrics but in the composition, with some of the same riffs on each song, making each song feel too long, which is the biggest problem that crutches this album.

    But if metal interests you and want to start listening to some heavy, yet melodic music, Grave Digger’s Healed By Metal is perfect for you.

RATING: 6/10