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La La Land Review


La La Land Review

Tim Stephens

La La Land is the Los Angeles-set musical following Mia (played by Emma Stone), an aspiring actress wanting to get her big break, and Sebastian (played by Ryan Gosling), a debt- ridden musician with dreams of opening up his own Jazz club.

When they first meet, both of them agree first that there is no chance of anything happening between them, since they deem each other as opposites, yet they become more entwined with the other, learning about why they love to do what they do, finally admitting to falling in love with each other.

Throughout the film, it shows both their ups and downs in their relationship. Both start to find opportunities for greatness in what they love to do, but it becomes more and more prevalent that the doors that have opened up for both of them are slowly closing the doors of their relationship and may rip them apart.

Even though the whole two opposites fall in love plot is a bit cliché, it feels genuine and fresh through every characteristic, especially the acting. When there is failure for one of the characters, you genuinely feel their emotion, something that is crucial for an okay movie to become captivatingly amazing. When watching Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling’s characters struggle to balance their love for each other and their lifelong dreams, you feel a genuine cry for help from both of the actors, giving you an immense amount of sympathy for both Mia and Sebastian.

The quality of the cinematography in La La Land is absolutely beautiful, with great shots that make you feel like you are standing right there and beautiful lighting throughout the entire film. Only a very small selection of shots that were a little odd and off-putting, but overall the look of the movie is fantastic.

The best part of this movie has to be the music. Not only is the soundtrack great with multiple instances of Ryan and Emma’s beautiful singing, blowing my expectations out of the water in the case of musical talent. The composer Justin Hurwitz, managed to make my favorite scores for two different years, with Whiplash in 2014 and now the beautiful score in La La Land.

La La Land isn’t amazing just for the film, but for how many awards it has been nominated for and won in a multitude of different associations. The most monumental achievements that it has made is taking 12 nominations in the Academy Awards for titles such as Best Picture, Best Actor for Ryan Gosling’s performance, Best Actress for Emma Stone’s performance, Best Director for the work of Damien Chazelle, Best Original Score by Justin Hurwitz, and seven other awards. Other associations that La La Land won or have been nominated awards have been the SAGS (Screen Actors Guild Awards), The Golden Globes, The Critics’ Choice Movie Awards, the AACTA, the Palm Springs International Film Festival Vanguard, and the Satellite Awards.

Overall, La La Land is witty, fun, and filled with music that will have you whistling and dancing like a fool for hours on end.

RATING: 9.5/10