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Harrison Pulse Launches


 New televisions adorn newly painted walls.

New laptops are dropped haphazardly into new backpacks.

New people’s new shoes walk across the new cafeteria floor.

And now the newspaper is new, too.

It has gone on the web for the 2014-2015 school year.

Liam Trumble has headed the expedition unto this new frontier of technological proportions.

He has used, a Mac friendly website used to make online papers and magazines.

Skepticism over online papers has been rife with the J&C recently moving online.

Ms. List said, “I like the paper better in print. Maybe it’s because I’m old and I think the print is too small, but the online version will be nicer with videos and colored pictures.”

This paper will be updated periodically as events happen.

Sports stats will be updated after the games.

Clubs information will be brought up to date.

Concerts will be written right after they happen.

Movies will get fast reviews.

This new mode of paper will also be more cost effective for the class and the wilderness.

Jenny Nguyen said, “The paper going online will help cut down on paper consumption.”

This year will be a great year for news with your Harrison Pulse.