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Intramural Basketball


Intramural basketball season is back once again.
For many years, intramural basketball has been a fun, inviting way for everyone not on the official Harrison basketball roster to come out each weekend and play for fun on one of 16 student-generated teams.
Every Saturday, each team plays two 15-minute halves.
At the end of the regular season, teams are put into a bracket-style tournament to decide the best of the best.
Last year Zulu came out on top with their championship victory against Make it Drizzle.
This year features teams such as Toon Squad, Noah’s Arc, and Murk Squad.
 In his first year playing on an intramural team, senior Randy Fodrea is a member of Toon Squad, who are 3-1 thus far.
“A laid-back league like this allows for some level of competition without the pressure of an interschool squad,” said Fodrea.
For fellow Toon Squad member and senior, Courtland Keyes, it is all about repeating as champions.
Keyes was a key member of last year’s championship team, Zulu.
“It gives everyone a chance to showcase what talent they have,” said Keyes. “It’s a chance for freshmen and seniors to all compete in a friendly, competitive environment.”
If interested in seeing more relaxed, friendly games during the weekends, come out on Saturday afternoons and watch your favorite intramural teams fight for the number one spot.