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‘He exhibits everything you want to see in a leader’


‘He exhibits everything you want to see in a leader’

James Ham

Harrison High School senior Stohne Stetler is everything you could ask for in a baseball player.

“Stohne has very strong leadership abilities,” said head coach Pat Lowrey.  “This fall has been no different as he continues to be a leader on and off of the field through his actions and words.”

Stetler, who plays catcher, has always loved the position.

“I have played catcher for as long as I can remember and I just picked up the gear one day and never looked back,” said Stetler.

Stetler has been on varsity since he was a freshman. Only one other player has done that in Lowrey’s tenure at Harrison.

“I think he exhibits everything you would want to see in a leader,” said Sizemore. “From vocal leadership to leading by example. He is very effective. He does everything right when nobody's looking and displays the qualities of a true leader. The team feeds off of his energy. He showed in the Blue-Orange Fall Series he is essential to the success of the Harrison baseball program. He also plays a very important position that requires skill, intelligence, and alertness.”

Stetler doesn’t let injuries get in the way of leading the team.

“I hyperextended my knee while playing, but finished the game anyways,” said Stetler.

Stetler’s attitude towards the game makes him the resilient player he is.

“My biggest inspiration to not stop and to never stop is Rhett Baxter, who is currently deceased,” said Stetler.

Stetler hopes the inspiration drives the team through the state tournament this year.

“I have all the confidence in the world for this team,” said Stetler. “We are going to do something this year that hasn't happened since 1995.”