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2015-2016 intramural basketball season underway

John Strohl

Intramural basketball is back once again for the 2015-2016 season.

Intramural basketball is a way for students who aren’t on Harrison's official basketball team, or not participating in a winter sport, to come out each Saturday and play basketball in the 16-team league.

The games consist of two 15-minute halves, and the players must call their own fouls.

At the end of the season, teams are seeded and then placed in a bracket to decide the champion.

Last year, the Rejects took home the hardware by beating Murk Squad in the championship.

This year, it looks like the top teams will consist of D-6 Bound, Young Rich Nation, Senior Citizens, and the reigning champs, the Rejects.

Usually, if a team consists mainly of sophomores or freshmen, no one expects them to be as competitive.

Some players like to be underestimated.

“I love being able to get out there and show all the haters how good my team and I really are,” said sophomore Chandler Henderson who is a member of D.A.D.D who are currently 2-2.

The season is pretty laid back until the last few weeks before the tournament, and that's when the teams start playing hard.

“When we get up at 7 in the morning to play basketball, we’re there to win nothing less,” said Henderson. “We’re not there to have fun, we’re there to get those two W’s every single week.”



Top Teams: Young Rich Nation, Senior Citizens, Rejects, D-6 Bound, and Harrison's Highly Effective (Teachers)


Sleepers: Dream Chasers, McDonalds All Americans, Ivy Tech Grasshoopers, D.A.D.D, Rollin With Christ, Majestic Iguanas

Dark Horses: Globo Gym Purple Cobras, Warriors