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Raider Gymnastics


Raider Gymnastics


Motivated. The Harrison girls gymnastics team is motivated to come together as a squad. It is their intense motivation that keeps them disciplined at practice, and ultimately it is their motivation that will allow them accomplish their goals.

After their fourth place finish at the January 31st  Merriville meet, the squad is determined to keep improving.

“We all agreed at the beginning of the season that our goal is to make it to regionals for the third year in a row,” said senior Dakota Summers. “We know it is going to be tough to make it back, which is why everyone is challenging themselves.”

Last year the Raiders placed third at sectionals, but with the loss of standouts Georgia Lawlor and Kyleigh Forbes, qualifying for regionals may be a challenge.

“Georgia and Kyleigh were all-around great gymnasts,” said senior Laney Eldridge. “They were great leaders and consistently received high scores.”

“Even though we lost some experienced athletes, our squad is still very talented,” said Eldridge. “We are all pushing ourselves and I am confident that we will continue to grow and improve.”

Luckily freshman Rylee Metro has been able to help fill the Lawlor-Forbes void.

“Rylee is a very hard worker and has learned a lot over the past few weeks,” said Summers. “She competed in her first meet this Saturday and stuck her beam routine.”

Junior Abby Hancock has also been a key the Raider’s success, placing first overall on the balance beam in the Merrriville meet.

“I was so excited when I won with my beam routine,” said Hancock. “Now I just need to learn to point my toes more when performing.”

Eldridge and Summers also had success in Merriville, where they both received personal best scores on the vault.

“Vault is my best event, and I’m determined to keep improving,” said Eldridge. “ I want to stick my handspring full on the vault, which has a starting value of 9.4 points.”

“Although I score higher on vault, bars is my favorite event,” said Eldridge. “I want to get a release move on bars, which is what I’m focusing on during practice.”