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Hoops For Hope has HIstory of Suspense


Hoops For Hope has HIstory of Suspense

Ethan Stetler

Ethan Stetler

Over the weekend, the Harrison boys basketball team faced the Central Catholic Knights in the annual Hoops for Hope game, a game that is much bigger than basketball.

Emotions take an all-time high in this game every year, and three of the last five Hoops for Hope games ended with buzzer beaters.

In this year’s battle, senior guard Dom Trapp hit a three-pointer to break a tie game and end Hoops for Hope on a good note for the Raiders.

Trapp knew that the game would be a close one from the beginning due to the quality of the Central Catholic basketball team, but even he could not have known it would end like this.

“CC is a very good team, but I didn’t think it would end on a buzzer beater” said Trapp.

With all of these crazy game winners, the Harrison Pulse decided to take a look at some previous buzzer beaters, and reflect on them.

In 2013, it was former Harrison student Noah Thomas who buried a game-winning shot to defeat West Lafayette in the Hoops for Hope game.

Thomas reflected on that moment in an interview on Monday.

Q: What was going through your head when you hit that buzzer beater in hoops for hope two years ago?

A: It was a crazy feeling. The second I saw it go in and heard the crowd yell, I knew that it was a big deal. Definitely, (it was) one of my most memorable nights of my life.

Q: Would you say that was the biggest moment of your basketball career at Harrison?

A: Definitely. I had many exciting moments with basketball, but nothing comes close to this time. This night was the most memorable moment at Harrison as a whole, not just in basketball.

Q: Do you think it affected the rest of your basketball career?          

A: I always knew that I loved basketball but after this night, I knew it was definitely something I wanted to continue doing. Playing in front of a large crowd and playing in big games is something that I started to love and cherish more following the Hoops for Hope game.