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Feature athlete: Phoenix La Lopa


Feature athlete: Phoenix La Lopa

Tanner Sizemore

Harrison High School senior diver Phoenix La Lopa placed 16th in the state finals last Saturday.

Q. What did you enjoy most about competing at state?

A. “I just enjoyed being there. I was glad that I got the opportunity. I remember before one of my dives, I just got on the board and looked out to the crowd, I’m at state right now. That’s pretty cool.”

Q. How nervous were you?

A. “I was nervous for the first dive, but after that, I just tried to have fun with it.”

Q. Did having previous experience at state help lessen the pressure?

A. “It definitely did. Last year, it just seemed so big to me and that’s why I got really nervous. This year I decided to have fun with it.”

Q. How have you seen yourself improve throughout your high school career?

A. “I think most mentally. Physically, I was always there, but I didn’t always have the confidence. I used to get nervous a lot. My mindset has mostly improved, which is a big thing in diving because diving is a very mental sport. If you can’t handle the pressure, then you’re going to crack.”