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Bright Future for Manion


Bright Future for Manion

Ethan Stetler

Every once in a while, a special athlete will come along in a high school and get recognition from their fellow students, teachers, and even colleges.

At Harrison High School, the student body regards as one of its stars, senior football player Dakota Manion.

Manion has been playing football since his early days at Battle Ground Middle School, and recently announced that he will be continuing his football career after high school at Hanover College.

Throughout his four years at Harrison, Manion has been a standout athlete in general.

With training and the drive to be the best football player he can be, it is no surprise that Manion was being recruited by colleges.

Coming into his freshman year, Manion already had eyes on him from the high school coaches who saw all his potential, playing him on both offense and defense.

After his freshman year, Manion decided to stick with defense, and that is where he took off.

Destroying team’s offensive plays, hitting wide receivers and running backs so hard you could hear it on the highway, and shocking the crowd and other teams with his quickness is Manion’s specialty.

As a sophomore, Manion had more playing time on the varsity football team than any other sophomore.

Even though there was an extremely gifted senior class that year, Manion managed to weasel his way into the lineup and make an impact on those Friday night games.

For his final two years of football at Harrison, he worked his way up to being one of the starting linebackers, rotating which side he’d play on every game and always being a driving force to win.

Although his career at Harrison has ended, he is looking forward to pounding pads in college.

“I’m beyond pumped,” said Manion. “I’m excited to have a chance to start, and I’m excited to start an awesome four years.”