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Boys Basketball Senior Night Shoots for a Good Cause


Boys Basketball Senior Night Shoots for a Good Cause

Nick Connors

The Harrison boys basketball team takes the court for Hoops for Hope action tonight against Marion at 8 p.m.

Harrison is currently 4-4 in conference play and a win in this game would be a huge boost of momentum.

“We would finish over .500 in the conference for the first time in a long time, so yes this game would be a big boost in confidence,” said senior Brock Butler.

The Hoops for Hope game is a game that is bigger than basketball. It is such a big stage for the players.

“I think the biggest thing for our players is that they get to realize that they are participating in a game that is a part of a much bigger thing than just themselves,” said Coach Rinehart. “Hoops for Hope has become a community-wide event that has helped a huge number of people and created some unbelievable memories.”

Marion is 10-10 overall, as well as 4-4 in the league, which will test Harrison’s abilities Friday night.

“Marion will be a tough opponent and they cannot be overlooked,” said junior Alex Bauer. “Every NCC game is huge for us.”

Benito Muñoz and Jack Matthew lead the team in points per game with 17.2 and 14.2 respectively.

Bobby Dearing and Jakub Hall also average double digits per game, posing a troublesome offense.

The only thing that Harrison lacks is the height for defense, but the potent offense makes up for the lack of height.

Even with all this power, it will still be a tough game for the Raiders as Marion will be looking to light up the scoreboard and not allowing Harrison any easy baskets.

“Marion is one of the most athletic and highest scoring teams that we will face all season,” said Coach Rinehart. “They will press us for 32 minutes regardless of the game situation or score.”

The atmosphere of the Hoops for Hope game will not be helping either team as the stands will be electric and more intense than any other game this season.

“The amount of people that come to support this cause makes it amazing, plus it's about more than just basketball which makes it even more exciting,” said Bauer.