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Goalie Keeps Harrison Lacrosse Defensive


Goalie Keeps Harrison Lacrosse Defensive

Sam Arvin

In 2014, lacrosse became a club at Harrison that was looking to muster support.

One player who has been there since its founding is senior Michael McKee.

McKee plays a singular position on the team: goalie.

Many know the task of the goalie, and in lacrosse it is essentially the same.

McKee uses a lacrosse stick with a larger head than other players on the field to block balls from entering the net. If all else fails, McKee will try to absorb the painful blow from the lacrosse ball with his body.

“The way I became a goalie was by volunteering our first year,” said McKee. “ I’ve continued to play goalie because I enjoy playing it, and I know I can always improve. This position requires leadership, focus, and skill and I feel that I have these attributes. Not having to run sometimes is an added bonus.”

As the goalie, McKee does need to be a leader and he gets to lead alongside his father, one of the head coaches.

McKee decided to capitalize on the situation.

“Having my dad as a coach motivates me in all situations,” said McKee. “I know what he expects of me, and I can push myself to that level. It is also easy to talk to him about the needs of or suggestions for the team any time of the day.”

McKee loves the sport of lacrosse so much ‒ he has played in the offseason as well for different lacrosse clubs.

One club he plays for is True Lacrosse Indiana.

True Lacrosse’s mission “is to spread the game of lacrosse throughout the entire Midwest and onto areas of the country where lacrosse has not been fully embraced.”

McKee, his teammates, and his coaches all feel this way, and that is why they play lacrosse and continue to support the lacrosse community.

The Harrison lacrosse team often has to travel long distances to reach their scheduled games, and this is because not enough nearby schools have competitive lacrosse teams.

Now in 2017, beginning its fourth season as a club sport, lacrosse at Harrison sees itself expanding into an official team sport.

“I feel that lacrosse should be an official team sport,” said McKee. “The student body has started to show more support for the program, and I think this year will be the test for whether the sport will be supported by the school.”

Although McKee will not be around after graduation to see the program expand, he will continue to play lacrosse.

McKee has verbally committed to play lacrosse at Beloit College in Wisconsin.

McKee and many others recognize that lacrosse “is a growing sport and is supported by the community.”