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Homecoming 2014 Recap


Homecoming 2014 Recap


Homecoming Court

Last Friday night was cold, windy, and rainy, but that didn’t stop the Raiders from continuing the homecoming court tradition.

Although it was raining, the show had to go on.

With five minutes left in the second quarter, the elected homecoming court lined up outside the track.

Each couple lined up and waited under umbrellas with their escort.

After being called over the loud speaker, the couples were lined up in the across the track.

Both the boys and girls were shivering, but anxiously waiting for Mr. Sam Newton to announce the 2014 Homecoming King and Queen.

The girls running for queen included Katie McClennan, Katie Musi, Caiti Madden, and Anna Shultz.

The boys running for king included Ben Fleet, Jared Li, Tanner Watkins, and Anson Call.

First, the 2014 Homecoming King was announced, and it was Mr. Jared Li.

“It feels pretty good. I’m ecstatic that the students at Harrison High School found me fit to be the 2014 Homecoming King!”

Next up, the title of the 2014 Homecoming Queen was awarded to Miss Caiti Madden.

“I feel honored to represent such a wonderful school and this year was by far the best homecoming of my four years at Harrison.”

Powder Puff

Q.B. Shelby Kyle (Senior)

The annual powder puff game between the juniors and seniors girls turned out to be an exciting game on A.J. Rickard field.

The girls of both grades were decked out in eye black, sparkles, war paint and braids to battle for the 2014 powder puff title.

The seniors, who proved to be very athletic in last year’s powder puff game were ready to dominate the juniors this year.

“I was ready from the beginning,” said senior Lizzie Paschen. “The boys got us so pumped up in the helmet and running out on the field in front of everyone was awesome.”

The seniors scored the first touchdown right out of the gate.

Shelby Kyle found Maggie Shandrick in the end zone on a long Hail Mary pass.

The juniors then responded a few drives later on a long run from Sydney Scott.

“It was so much fun especially scoring the touchdown with the help of Braylee’s long run,” said Scott. “It was fun hearing everybody cheer for us!”

The senior girls then gained long runs from Emma Colt and Alyssa Wilburn to help set up another senior touchdown from Savannah Gault.

The seniors capitalized on the two point conversion with a short run to the end zone from Maggie Shandrick.

The junior girls could not get anything moving against the stellar senior defense.

With two interceptions from Shalien Johnson and the many stops from the aggressive linebackers Jayne Denson and Ellie Snyder, the junior girls had no hope of scoring another touchdown.


The final score of the game was 14-8 with the seniors coming out with another victory.

The now experienced juniors are already talking about next year’s game and cannot wait to dominate the sophomores.

“It was an amazing experience to be able to get out there and do what the boys do,” said junior Maddy Collicott. “Everyone was able to get out and show off their football skills.”

Spirit Sheets

Along with all the other fun activities that went on during Homecoming week, a sheet competition went on between different clubs, classes, and departments.

Each group was asked to decorate a sheet relating to their department and make it look the best that they could.

The only requirement was that it had to be related to the homecoming theme which was Raiders Around the World.

The sheets were voted on by teachers and the top three winners received prizes.

The first place winner won a pizza party, the second place winner won a donuts and milk party, and the third place winner won a cookies and milk party.

The first place winner came from the art department which included Mrs. Baker’s art classes along with the AP Photo class who designed the warped image of Mr. Remaly.

“We wanted to edit and warp the photo of Remaly so it looked like a replica of the famous painting The Scream,” said Senior Katelyn Flinn who helped with the picture.

Senior Tarryn Zorola helped create the unique and creative oil pastel sheet.

“We wanted to do something clever with Mr. Remaly and we also wanted to incorporate a famous art piece in some way. We played around with his face on the Mona Lisa at first, but the scream won out!”