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School Spirit Shines Bright Through Lip Dub


School Spirit Shines Bright Through Lip Dub

Brynn Roy

Over 500 hours of planning went into the Harrison High School Lip Dub on Friday, October 3rd.

Luke Menard was the brains behind the Lip Dub, along with Liam Trumble and the rest of the film crew.

Menard had been semi-planning the event since January of this year, however intense planning the past three weeks were crucial.

Planning consisted of picking a song and a route, choosing lead singers, placing clubs throughout the school, and 6:45 am practices.

When originally planning the Lip Dub, Menard wanted to showcase all of Harrison’s talents and bring out as much school spirit as possible.

“Pop Danthology” by DJ Earworm was Menard’s song choice.

“It showcased all the pop songs of the 2013 era,” said Menard.

As the film maker, Menard not only had to practice the route in the given time, but also had to practice keeping his hand steady while holding the camera for over five minutes straight.

Menard was under loads of pressure on Friday.

Lots of planning and timing were put into an event that lasted only five minutes.

Menard knew everyone was counting on him.

“Oh crap. We do not get a rehearsal! I hope everyone is in their positions,” said Menard right before the one and only take of the Lip Dub.

The Lip Dub was made in honor of Harrison councilor, Mrs. Crawford, who just recently beat Triple Negative Breast Cancer.