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PSAT… What Is It For?


PSAT… What Is It For?


It’s that time of year again.  When juniors and sophomores start signing up for the PSAT.

The PSAT is being held on October 15 in the auditorium and the auxiliary gym.

The standardized test is a great way to prepare for the SAT.

"The SAT is all about mind games, and the earlier you can have practice learning how to answer those mind games, the better,” said senior Josh Groh.

Many student feel the PSAT is an important step in the college process, many colleges don’t accept low SAT scores.

 “I feel the PSAT is an important step to further prepare yourself for college.  Many people believe that you can blow off the test but, if you do prepare, you have a better chance of scoring higher on the actual SAT because you know what to expect when taking the test,” said junior Hannah Eastman.

If your scores are high enough, you can qualify for the National Merit Scholarship.

The PSAT is the screening test for high school students who wish to partake in the National Merit Scholarship Program.

Not only does the PSAT help prepare for the SAT, but it can help you earn scholarship money.