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Lauren Haag, Artist At Harrison


Lauren Haag, Artist At Harrison

Kelsey Cochran

Roaming the halls of Harrison, it is not hard to notice the large display of student art that fills various walls.

Many of the art students spend long hours creating pieces that they hope may get them a winning spot in an art show.

Senior Lauren Haag is experiencing that same anticipation right now.

Haag has been in the art program here at Harrison all four years and is planning to pursue a career in the arts.

“Art classes that I’ve taken at Harrison have made a large effort to ensure that students have a lot of opportunities and the best materials,” said Haag. “There’s always a positive atmosphere as well.”

Recently, two of Haag’s pieces from her AP Art class have been submitted into IPFW School Art Show.

One of the pieces was called “Illuminesence” and it was created using oil paint, the painting used the technique of dramatic lighting and was of a hand holding a lighter.

Haag’s second piece was called “Home of the Brave” and was created using soft pastels.

The soft pastel piece was a friend of Haag’s being gagged at the mouth by an American flag.

“I was very excited when I heard that both of my pieces had made it into the show,” said Haag. “Although the competitive side of me wanted to know what other students from the surrounding area had also entered their pieces.”

Around the Lafayette area, a couple students from Jefferson High School and McCutheon High School had their pieces entered and accepted into the IPFW School Art Show.

Among the various students, Haag was the only one to have two pieces submitted and accepted to run for first prize at the competition.

She received honorable mention at the show for one of her pieces.

Haag attended a program called Rising Star at Savannah College of Animation in Savannah, Georgia, this summer where she learned where her true passion lies.

At the college, she took two courses that will give her college credit towards her degree—she plans to attend the college in the fall of 2015.

She knew the Savannah College of Animation was for her as soon as she learned of the school and entered her portfolio to try and earn scholarships.

Haag appreciates all of the work she has created at Harrison, but nonetheless she wants to continue to be influenced by the culture and improve her style to create bigger and better things.