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College Applications


College Applications

Maggie Shandrick

It is that time of the year.

Students are pushing to get their college applications done and turned in by the due date, November 1st.

It is hard to believe students, who seemed to be freshman yesterday will all be starting new chapters of their lives.


More and more students are getting accepted every day and it is exciting to see all the places Harrison students will be going.

Most universities use an application called The Common Application.

( )

This application is used to allow students to apply to more than one college at a time.

Students can create a list with the colleges they are interested in.

A few colleges that use the common app are Purdue University, Ohio State University, Butler University, Depauw University, and The University of Notre Dame.

Schools like Indiana University, Ball State and Ohio University do not use the common application.

“I liked applying with the common application because I did not have to apply to all schools individually,” senior Silas Jensen said.

The common application has a required essay portion with five different topics you can choose from.

“It was nice to have many options when writing the essay,” said senior Jayne Denson. “It allowed me to write about something that is truly meaningful to me.”

Students also are using a website to send their high school transcripts to their desired universities.

This website is .

The process is simple and very smooth.

When you choose to send your transcripts, parchment will send a message to your counselor who will then send your transcripts to the university.

Parchment also has a program that will calculate the likelihood of acceptance into schools.

This program can be helpful when the prices for applications are on the rise.

College is the first step into adulthood, so start working diligently on your applications because this is your future.