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Celebrate My Drive


Celebrate My Drive

Brynn Roy

Harrison was awarded $25,000 after competing in an online safe driving competition.

Students were asked to vote every day at Celebrate My Drive.


Celebrate My Drive is a safe driving program run by State Farm.

Every day students were asked to take a pledge and also answer two questions related to safe driving.

The top placed schools were awarded $100,000 and the top 20 were award $25,000.

This is the second year Harrison competed in the online competition, and also the second year they have won.

The $25,000 will be spent on various items throughout the school.

State Farm requires at least $2,500 to be spent toward Safe Driving.

The towels we threw out at the pep session is part of that and I’m working on an activity for the spring that will include a cookout and a safe driving course,” said Remaly.

$10,000-$15,000 will go to the teachers for educational items or equipment that is not currently available.

The remainder of the money will be used as needed throughout the school year.