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Senior Tips


Senior Tips

Maggie Shandrick

Senior Tips for freshman                 

1.     “Make lots of good friends throughout your years at Harrison because everything is easier with friends!” –Georgia Lawlor

2.     “At least have one class each semester that can act as a hobby or ‘distressing’ class. Otherwise everything gets boring and overwhelming.” –Ben Fleet

3.     “Don’t hit the snooze button too many time!” –Brayton Taylor

4.     “Go to every sporting event you possibly can go to!” –Matt Vawter

5.     “If you’re an athlete, get a study hall. It will save your life. There is no way you’re going to want to do your homework when you get home late at night.” –Patrick Shelton

6.     “Don’t be nervous. Harrison is a great school and you are going to make so many memories with so many great friends!” –Anna Collins

7.     “Pay attention to freshman year grades because they matter on your GPA down the road.” –Connor Armuth

8.     “Enjoy high school and the people in it because it will be over before you know it!” –Kaitlynn Moody

9.     “Don’t take yourself too seriously, it’s just high school.” –Katie McClennan

10.  “Go to all the events and spend as much time doing fun things with your friends as you can because it goes by quickly.” –Maren McCarty

11.  “Stay calm and have a good time. You’re only in high school once, make the best of it. Treat this experience as an adventure.” –Shelby Kyle