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The New Teacher Line Up


The New Teacher Line Up

Grace Filley

Along with a new freshman class, this year Harrison High School welcomes several new teachers.

                  Ryan Baird is one of three new history teachers. He runs a very student-oriented classroom. “I have always considered myself as a teacher of students and not a teacher of history,” Baird said.


Johnathon Glaub is also new to the history department. He conducts a “very comical and entertaining” U.S. History class. Glaub’s 8th grade year inspired him to pursue the same career as an adult. “He would act out scenes and make sure you understood things if it was confusing,” Glaub said. “Not only that, he cared about my life outside of the classroom and I think that kind of teaching inspired me and made me want to become a teacher as well.”

Second generation teacher, Johnathan Wheat, hopes to challenge students to think critically and to foster a student-centered classroom “that promotes group work, discussion, and open-ended questions.” For Wheat, continuing to learn more about history is an “added bonus.”

From a young age, Megan Mohr knew she wanted to be a teacher. Mohr’s high school offered a program that allowed her to try her hand in teaching and from that point on Mohr decided that teaching was the way she “wanted to go.” Along with teaching, Mohr coaches volleyball here at Harrison. Although it “takes up most of [her] free time,” Mohr loves coaching.



Not only is Amanda Rowe working here at Harrison, but she is also teaching a few classes at Battle Ground Middle School. Rowe is “excited to work with older kids.” Even though Rowe is an English teacher here at Harrison, she enjoys more than reading outside of the classroom. Rowe has three children, meaning lots of sporting events to attend and she likes to stay active.

Ronald Kiester is making the transition from small to large school this year. Although Kiester is new to Harrison, he has lots of experience teaching, 18 years in fact. He keep kids focused on what he is teaching by having “some fun mixed in” while still keeping control of the class. “The kids – that’s what it’s all about,” Kiester said.


Betsy Totty did not always want to be a teacher. In 1995 she started out in the Audiology program at Purdue, but realized the “anatomy of the ear did not interest [her].” After Totty took a special education class where she had to work with the children, she realized her passion of teaching. Totty knew Mr. Remaly, our principal, from his assistant principal position in 2001 and heard about Harrison’s good reputation, so she applied for the job.

New to teaching this year is Zachary McKeever. McKeever has his classroom set up so that the students feel comfortable enough to “open up and become an active participant in the environment.” He is striving to have a classroom where “no one is afraid to voice opinions.”


Let’s not forget to give each of these teachers a big raider welcome!