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Need-to-know College Details

Maya Vemulapalli

With a majority of juniors and seniors preparing to graduate and enter “the real world,” receiving college preparation advice can be extremely helpful. Many free, online resources are available to students that are commonly overlooked.

            The College Cost Calculator ( is part of the Big Future College Board website, and gives information on things including tests such as SAT, ACT and Accuplacer, as well as provides you with a method of calculating the estimated amount of money you will have to pay for college tuition based on various factors.,,,,, and are reliable and informative websites that many teachers recommend to prepare and help further educate students on college-related topics that are deemed important for students to know.

One specific website which can be found very helpful is, where calendars are provided for juniors and seniors to help organize their college preparation schedule, so they know exactly when certain things need to be accomplished in order to fully ready themselves (document attached).

More locally centered, visiting job fairs are another way young adults can educate themselves on this topic. Several job fairs will be occurring in the state of Indiana—information regarding them can be found at—and, more currently, a fair that all students can attend will be set up at Lafayette Jefferson High School on September 24 from 5:30-7:00 p.m.

            We wish luck to all the juniors and seniors preparing for their journey from high school to receiving further education in colleges throughout the United States.