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'Annie Play Will Do' a huge success


'Annie Play Will Do' a huge success

Sam Arvin

For those who ventured back to Harrison Friday or Saturday to see the annual fall play, you were 

sure to be pleased by the talents of your fellow Raiders. 

This year the Harrison High School Theatre presented Annie Play Will Do by Scott Haan, directed 

by Julie Doan with assistant director Neil Radtke. 

The play centers on the miscommunication between a drama teacher and the principal, leading 

to the drama teacher having one day to cast, stage, and perform the school play. 

The teacher, magnificently portrayed by sophomore Mary Dewell, leaves this overwhelming task 

to two students, and chaos ensues. 

The two students, played by sophomore Sam Haston and senior Josie Luptak, were a force to be 

reckoned with. 

Their energy, as well as the rest of the cast, immersed the audience into the pandemonium of 

the plot.

Not all of the actors on stage were experienced thespians. 

Jackson Olvera-Rowland, a senior at HHS, played Bob, an amateur acting student in Annie Play 

Will Do. 

You could hear laughs in the crowd as Olvera-Rowland’s character later had to dress up as a 

little orphan girl.

“I have minimal experience but I had a lot of fun,” said Olvera-Rowland. “But I do wish I had a 

longer dress.”

Omar Almakki, a junior at HHS, played Larry in this year’s play, and has much experience in 

theatre having been in last year’s fall play, Game Show. 

Almakki has recently played a part in Civic Theatre’s The Tempest, along with several other Civic 


“I want to thank Julie, our director, and all of our cast and crew for doing an amazing job,” said 


The long rehearsals paid off for this group of Raiders, as they brought together a successful