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Wolf preys on fellow racers


Wolf preys on fellow racers

Maya Vemulapalli

While Harrison High School is quite adamant in praising its most distinguished faculty members each year, rarely are the students recognized for their talents outside of school-related sports or academics.

Little do many of our high schoolers know that Harrison’s student body is brimming with a variety of interesting characters, one of which is 16-year-old sophomore Febe Wolf.

Starting at the mere age of 13, Wolf began pursuing a hobby quite unique to people of her age: race car driving.

Racing both for enjoyment as well as competitively, Wolf credits her father--who acts as both her mentor and coach--and her brother for sparking her interest in the sport from a very young age.

“My biggest supporters of my racing are my mom and dad. They both want nothing more than for me to succeed,” said Wolf. “I plan on taking this hobby and turning it into my career. I want the rest of my life to revolve around my racing and my love for working on race cars.”

Surrounded by a family which shares her fairly uncommon interest, Wolf has always been encouraged to become the avid racer that she is today.

“My family and I participate in a club level, which is basically just for fun,” Wolf says.  “Then we compete in what they call a Midwest Thunder Series. This year, I finished first in the category of Heavy Honda, fourth in Heavy 160 , and third in Heavy A. We also compete in a few of the national races. This year we competed at one in Kalamazoo, Michigan, as well as one at the Indianapolis 500 track where we took a lap around the big track and set a number of records such as the most cars on the Indy 500 track at one time.”

Although she has endured her fair share of crashes, Wolf still recommends that everyone try race car driving at some point in their lives.

“Not just at a go-kart place but on a real track with real race cars, to really see what a race car driver has to go through. By actually doing this you will see the mind set that comes with racing.”