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Future Voters Should Learn System


Future Voters Should Learn System

Olivia DeCrane

In a little over a year, the nation will be voting for a new president.

    Some of Harrison’s student body will be eligible to vote.

    It’s important that the students eligible to vote know about the system.

    Students should know that they can’t simply show up to a voting area and vote. They have to register beforehand.

    Indiana has online voter registration, so students only need their school computer and a form of ID to register.

    The website,, will guide students through the process.

    Not voting is just as influential as voting, so it’s critical that everyone 18 and older participates.

    Voting for someone does not necessarily mean that you agree with everything they advocate.

    Also, a voter shouldn’t base its opinion on someone simply because of the political party he or she is aligned with.

    Only voting for Republicans because a voter is a Republican and vice versa should stop.

    A voter should vote for the candidate in which it most agrees, whether from the preferred party or not.

    So far, there have been three Republican debates and one Democratic debate.

    By watching these debates, voters can get to know the candidates and what they plan to accomplish as president.

    However, just because a voter might not be 18 by the time of the election does not mean you shouldn’t pay attention.

    Politics still affects you, no matter your age.

    It’s never too soon to get involved.