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She is a musical artist


She is a musical artist

Hailey Yeager

Danielle Jones, a 17-year-old senior at Harrison High School, has many talents.

Jones is an artist and a singer.

Choir teacher Mrs. Richardson says that Jones has amazing volume and that Jones is a born leader.

“She is awesome,” said Mrs. Richardson. “She has a dynamite voice and could make it big if she really wanted to.”

When Jones has free time, she tries to improve her singing by rereading rhythms and matching pitches on the piano with her voice.

“Her voice can get really high and not sound shrill,” Whitney Miller said, “but really soft and beautiful.”

Jones was inspired by Frank Sinatra growing up.

“Frank Sinatra wasn’t afraid to change the phrasing of the melody in order to sing it the way he wants,” said Jones.

Jones also plays five different musical instruments: clarinet, trumpet, flute, piano, and piccolo.

Her favorite instrument is the piano because she has been playing it since she was 6 years old.

“When I was little, we had an antique grand piano,” Jones said. “It was my great grandmother’s. Whenever I would come home, I would sit at the piano, and whatever emotion I was feeling that day, I would play it out. It would make me feel better.”

Jones took an introduction to 3-D art class at Harrison during her sophomore year, and since then she has had an appreciation for sculpting.

“Every time I paint, draw, or doing anything artistic, “Jones said. “I feel like I am giving a part of myself away.”

She loves every aspect of art, even though she isn’t good at everything.

“You can’t be bad at art,” said Jones. “You just haven’t found the right aspect of art for you.”

Jones draws pictures of her friends and the people she is inspired by in her free time.

“Danny is one of those people that is told what to do all the time,” Miller said. “So she takes all of her feelings and puts it into her artwork.”

Jones loves music and art, because she feels that they harmonize together.

“When I personally hear music, I can see a painting in my head,” Jones said. “I see the splotches of the notes on the canvas in hundreds of different colors.”

One day Jones hopes to become an architect, because buildings are another form of art.

“If there is a way you can express your feeling either by singing, drawing, or hearing,” Jones said, “go for it.”