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Spinning rhymes since day one


Spinning rhymes since day one

Alexa Bogan

Ryan Fisher is “Going for the Billion.”

Fisher is a goofy, witty, and funny individual with a gift in the entertainment category.

Fisher has always aspired to be like his 24-year-old brother Matt, who rapped during his high school career and inspired his younger brother to do the same.

“He used to write raps in elementary school on a piece of paper, and now he’s actually doing what he has always wanted to do,” said Ryan’s best friend Ethan Stetler.

Fisher started making his own beats in the eighth grade.

Fisher’s first song “Murder” was posted on the app soundcloud on August 13, 2014 and has been played over 2,000 times, before he followed up with “Going for the Billion” in  October of 2014.

Everything Fisher does is on his own at his home in West Lafayette.

“I just start with a beat, then a melody, then I put drums to it, then I mix it,” said Fisher. “ It takes hours sometimes, even days, and I will just sit in my room, and I’ll turn it up on full blast with no distractions at all. I let myself get in the zone and I just sit and write lyrics to it.”

Fisher does not only write after making a beat. He is constantly.

“My ideas come from anywhere. Whenever inspiration sparks, I write.” said Fisher

His newest and most popular song “Thieves” was released two months ago, and describes how teenagers change into someone they never imagined they would become.

“How I used to pray that I’d never be a bad kid, but now I am one,” Fisher said.

Fisher’s music relates to all teens. Coming of age topics like relationships, drug and alcohol use, and family issues give Fisher’s music an authentic feel.

“Ryan doesn’t try to act like somebody he isn’t when he raps,” said senior Clay Weaver. “He doesn’t rap about a pretend life of money and fame. He is real with himself and everybody who listens to his music knows it.”

Fisher, who has produced six songs so far, is currently working on a new album.

“His music gives me goose bumps,” Weaver said. “I don’t know what it is, but everytime I hear his music, I get a feeling that he is going somewhere.”

Right now, rapping to Fisher is just a hobby.

“I could see myself working for a record label in the future, but I haven’t gotten that far yet,” said Fisher. “Music is a big passion of mine and I would definitely love to see it go somewhere.”