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Mr. Glaub

Grace Filley

Glaub has only been teaching at Harrison for a semester and is already very comfortable with the school thanks to Harrison’s students. “It has been pretty easy making the adjustment” Glaub stated. The work here is different from his previous job, selling insurance, but he has had “a lot of fun working with the students.”

Harrison High School has a diverse student body and Glaub took notice of this. “It is very diverse, which is a good thing. All students have different goals.”

When asked what the best aspect of Glaub’s class was, Glaub said “The atmosphere is very easy going. Economics is a very dry subject, but being relaxed and finding multiple fun activities makes it nice for the students.”

When Glaub is not teaching he is most likely coaching or working as a youth director. Glaub drives “back and forth on Sunday nights to work with kids in [his] old town.”

Working as a youth director has also helped shape Glaub into the teacher he has become. “The biggest thing about being a youth director or insurance agent is establishing a relationship and that is what you have to do with your students as well.”

Glaub describes himself as “someone who is relaxed, caring, competitive, and willing to take that extra step for someone if needed.” These attributes are great to have, whether one is a teacher or not.

Something you might not have known about Glaub is that he loves to travel. He has traveled all around the United States and to multiple other countries.

What are Glaub’s top priorities for teaching his students? “It is simple, making sure students understand the material. The number one thing I always say to my students is, ‘ask me if you do not understand.’ [Glaub] would rather know what is going on instead of blowing it off” Glaub explained.

Glaub devotes lots of his time to his students and his school work, while also making sure he stays active outside of school.