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Mr. Harrison Faces


Mr. Harrison Faces

Kelsey Cochran

1. What is your spirit animal?

2. Who is your mentor?

3. Who is the last person you called?

4. What is your favorite place to shop?

5. If you were to walk into Walmart and buy one thing what would it be?

Luke Menard

1.     Turtle

2.     Morgan Freeman

3.     Disney Recruiting Offices

4.     Vooray

5.     Toaster Oven


Anson Call

1.     Otter

2.     HD Thoreau

3.     Niagara Water Bottle Company

4.     Ross

5.     An ABL pocket tee


Liam Trumble

1.     Anson Call

2.     Jon Bellion

3.     Kanye West

4.     Urban Outfitters

5.     TV


Evan Pearl

1.     Dairy cow

2.     Sheila Klinker

3.     West  Minster Village

4.     T. J. Maxx

5.     Cherry tomatoes


Spencer Davidson

1.     Jimmy Fallon

2.     I don’t have one, both of my grandparents have been great mentors.

3.     Jimmy John’s

4.     Beyond (of Bed, Bath and Beyond)

5.     The Walmart that I walked into


Tanner Watkins

1.     Lion

2.     Coach Rinehart

3.     My Mom

4.     Dick’s Sporting Goods

5.     Water


Patrick Shelton

1.     Koala

2.     My dad

3.     My sister

4.     Tilly’s or J. Crew

5.     Tyson honey-barbeque chicken strips


Matt Vawter

1.     Grizzly bear

2.     My dad

3.     Sean Gordan

4.     Footlocker

5.     A new couch, ours is from the 60’s


Jake Fernung

1.     Jaguar

2.     My dad

3.     Sierra Romano

4.     Tilly’s

5.     Food, probably cookies or something


Ben Fleet

1.     Alpaca

2.     Papa Fleet

3.     Mama Fleet

4.     Urban Outfitters

5.     I would buy the Walmart itself and make bank offering cheap deals to poor college kids.


Cameron Greene

1.     Tiger

2.     Dad

3.     Shelby Kyle

4.     Tilly’s

5.     Probably a rotisserie chicken


Christian Stiverson

1.     Wolf

2.     My pops

3.     Sydney Rainey

4.     American Eagle

5.     The most expensive gift-card they have for Qdoba, it’s my favorite restaurant.


Kevin Bayley

 1. Richard Simmons

2. My mentor is Patrick Sullivan, I like it when he whispers those sweet wisdoms in my ear hol.

3. Anson Call

4. Pet Shop and Grooming Salon

5.  If I could only buy one thing it would be your heart, guuurl cuz you so fine


Alex Obrein

1. My spirit animal would be the Tiger. Or at least that's what this online quiz I just took told me.

2. My mentor would have to be my mother

3. The last person I called would be my biological father.

4. I love to shop at JL Records! All those records make it a real groovy place to be.

5. If I could buy only one thing at Wal-Mart, it would be deodorant. You can never have too much deodorant.


Evan Berkey

1. I would have to say my spirit animal would be a zebra, but not a graceful one. You know a zebra that lives in a zoo and kinda just sits there and awkwardly walks around and stuff.

2. God

3. My father 

4. Meijer, their prices can't be beat for cheapo food.

5. A stuffed animal. It would have to be really fuzzy and soft and all that jazz. 


Brendan White

1.     A bear

2.     Goku

3.     My dad

4.     Pacific Sunwear…aka PacSun

5.     A box of Cliff bars


Jacob Schneider

1. My spirit animal is a red panda. 

2. I've had many mentors over the years, but I think my favorite has been my boss, Mr. Dunn. He has lived a long life, shared a lot about his life, and given me advice for the future based on his experiences. 

3. The last person I called was my dad. 

4. My favorite place to shop would probably be Barnes and Noble. Knowledge is power. 

5. I would buy a Nerf gun because those things are pretty fun. 


Jordan Kipp

1. My spirit animal is Sasha Fierce, Beyonce's sassy alter ego.

2. My mentor is, without a doubt, Mr. Cahee

3. The last person I called was my brother who studies law in Virgini.

4. Von's Bookstore

5. I would buy an unlimited Visa Gift Card and put several million dollars on it so I could buy many more impressive things later, assuming this one item is sponsored by the Harrison Pulse. 


Dusan Bozalka

1.     Koala

2.     The king of Belgium

3.     Your mom

4.     Abercrombie and Fitch

5.     A fish


Evan Sturgeon

1. Unicorn    

2. Terry Peebles    

3. Sweet Joe Geddes        

4. Under Armour Outlet        

5. 3 live goldfish