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Live From Graff 2015


This year’s annual Live from Graff concert at Harrison High School, starring a wide range of school talents from our freshmen to our soon-to-be-graduating seniors, was a huge success in regard to both entertainment as well as the donations raised.

Throughout the past, many notable causes have been supported with the funds provided by the concert’s attendees, contributing to organizations both within the high school as well as in our very own Greater Lafayette Community.

This year’s ticket proceeds will go toward financing our own Raider family, and money obtained from glow-stick sales will be donated to Lori’s Kitty Rescue and Natalie’s Second Chance Dog Shelter in order to help support the homeless animals within our city.

Canned food donations will further help to provide for our community thanks to the help of Lafayette Food Finders.

Besides being an amazing event in which we can help support our school and town, Graff also helps to exhibit the true potential of Harrison students outside of academics and sports.

Returning performer Logan Plantenga, a senior this year, says, “Live from Graff is a phenomenal opportunity for musicians at Harrison to get together and put on a show. Graff has greatly affected my playing ability by increasing my stamina on stage, and has made me more confident in my writing.”

Plantenga performed with his band The Gatorbuckets, which was just one of seventeen different acts throughout the night, ranging from genres of jazz a cappella, indie, and rock and roll.

This year, second-time emcees Matt Carlson and Jill Mansilla hosted the show and warmed up the crowd whilst also providing some entertainment between each act.

Many of the performers singing duets quickly became fan-favorites, such as experienced singers Peter Ropp and Chelsea Shafer, brother-and-sister duo Cannon and Kerra Garner, and Graff newbies Rhianna Ladd and Karl Hagen.

Even HHS Spanish teacher Mr. Michael Blakley got on stage and performed a number for the audience, arousing much acclamation from the crowd of students.

Overall, the event raised an incredible amount of money for our community and helped promote the courage and singing-ability required to perform in front of an audience.

For students wishing to get involved with the Graff performances next year, Plantenga’s advice was simply to “just have fun with it!”

The Harrison student body hopes to see you at next year’s event, either playing onstage or cheering on your fellow classmates from the Graff Auditorium seats.