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Senior Sign Offs


Senior Sign Offs


Brynn Roy

New friends, life long memories, awesome experiences, and a Raider family are only a few things I have to thank Harrison High School for.
The past four years have been everything I wanted them to be.
Now that it’s almost over, it does not seem like it is time to say goodbye.
I can remember my first day of high school like it was yesterday.
I did not like it.
I wanted to go back to middle school, and be back in a comfortable environment with the friends and classmates I was familiar with.
It did not take long before I grew to love the high school atmosphere.
I made new friends, and learned the school is not as big as it seems.
I am happy to say I can look back on my high school experience and say I regret absolutely nothing.
Senior year has been all that I hoped for.
I’m proud to say I am a part of the class of 2015.
From creating the lip dub to leading the student sections, our senior class has been nothing but awesome.
I will not forget the memories I have made here at Harrison High School.
Thank you to all the staff for creating a successful environment where I was able to succeed in and outside of the classroom.
With the help of the teachers, coaches, and administration, I believe I have been set up to succeed in college.
Next fall I will be attending Indiana University.
I am very nervous to begin a new experience, but I am looking forward to the new, unforgettable memories I will create!
Once a Raider, always a Raider.

Liam Trumble
The last three years of my high school career have included journalism in some way, shape, or form. It was not until this year that I was able to mesh my love for technology with my love for journalism by creating Harrisons first online newspaper! I built the website that you are reading this on and developed a way to organize and categorize news so it comes out as a steady stream of updates and information. I have loved having Ms. Jansen as a teacher for newspaper simply because she is so open to new ideas. My hope for the future of the paper is that it will grow to be more widely known as Harrison's one stop spot for news and updates.
Senior Liam Trumble signing off

Maggie Shanderick
So this is it- my final goodbye to a Harrison high school.
Next week I will have my last classes, say goodbye to my friends and teachers, and eventually graduate with the wonderful class of 2015.
When I think of graduation, a myriad of emotions explode inside of me.
I feel excited that I finished this amazing journey, but also nervous for what the future will hold for me.
It seems like only yesterday we were struggling to find our classes and we were told we could only stand in the very last row at games.
We grew up throughout the years, moving on from being clueless freshman to sophomores who thought they had the “high school thing” figured out by now.
As the years went on, we took over the upper classman role and ruled the school our last year.
"Where did the time go?" is a question I constantly ask myself.
I remember being told many times that these four years are the fastest four years of your life.
Now that I am done with these four years, I can say "YES, they were the fastest four years of my life." Even with the fear of fitting in, the late nights studying for tests, and the countless laughs and tears, I wouldn’t have traded these four years for anything.
As we embark on our new journey and we look back at the past four years, there are several people we owe a huge gratitude of thanks too.
First, to our teachers.
Thank you for putting us, your students, in front of yourself and for sharing your time and knowledge with us.
Your time and commitment to us truly means a lot.
You took the time and extra hours by allowing us to come in before and after school hours to make sure we fully understood the material.
You challenged us and set your expectations extremely high to make sure we were the best we could possibly be.
I would also like to thank my friends.
I think it is safe to say that none of us could have done this without our friends by our sides.
Through the thick and thin, my friends were always there for me no matter what.
The friendships and unforgettable memories we have created with all these amazing people are ones I hope to hold onto forever.
Another thank you goes to the administration and all the people behind the scenes.
The attendance and office ladies, the counselors, the lunch ladies and the janitors.
Your hard work is sometimes overlooked, but we couldn’t have done most of the school events and activities without your generosity and compassion.
The last, but most important thank you goes to all the parents.
Thank you for supporting us every second of this crazy journey.
To the mornings we didn’t want to get out of bed, to the late nights of finishing a project and to the number of miles you drove to our sporting events, you were there every step of the way.
The amount of money you spent on school and athletic fees, books, athletic gear, school supplies, and the countless number of other things is just a small portion of what you did for us these past four years.
As we graduate high school, we look ahead to the future and what it holds for each and every one of us. We all have our heart set on our dreams and goals, and now it is time to go out there and make them happen.
Thank you Harry High for four crazy, unforgettable years.
Raider up!

Evan Pearl

As my high school days finally come to an end, I look back on the memories I’ve made here at Harrison with fondness and predilection.
I entered Harrison a demure freshmen; I had a small group of friends and liked to keep to myself. Harrison allowed me to branch out, make new friends, and learn to embrace my love and aptitude for writing.
I joined the newspaper staff my sophomore year, a clueless and inexperienced journalist.
Ms. Janssen and my journalism class taught me how to adapt my formal writing into a new format, and allowed my writing to grow and flourish.
Some of my best memories are in newspaper, in the legendary F009.
Snacks were never scarce, opinions were never concealed.
Our newspaper class was the hungriest, most outgoing class I have ever been a part of.
I will miss the little things next year at college.
I’ll miss hearing Janssen yell “EVAN, TRASHCAN!” whenever I begin eating food.
Although it may seem a little unnecessary, I actually am the messiest eater known to man.
I’ll miss being able to sit in comfortable chairs, surrounded by my friends, and just being able to talk to them about my day.
I’ll also miss Janssen getting on my case, and forcing me to focus on my work—God knows I need the extra motivation.
My life will be completely different next year, and although there are many unknowns, I’m excited to start this new chapter of my life.
Next year I will be attending Purdue University and studying Agribusiness.
I’m going to be living at Alpha Gamma Rho as a freshman pledge, and words cannot describe how eager I am to become involved in Greek life.
I’ve had my ups and downs here at Harrison, and made more than a few mistakes, but these past four years have been the best years of my life.
It's hard to believe that its over, and that the best is yet to come.

Lauren Bayley
Well Harry High, it has been a good time. We have been through a lot together, but I guess it is time for us to part ways. I remember waking up to get ready for my first day of high school as if it were yesterday. While I was getting ready the song “Fifteen” by Taylor Swift came on and my little freshman self could not handle it. I was super nervous and paranoid about everything. By the end of that day, I was just glad that I had only gotten lost in our school twice. But the really cool thing about Harrison is that by the end of the week, I felt like I truly belonged here. I was mindlessly walking to each of my classes, and slowly but surely I was growing more and more Raider Pride each day. There is something about walking these halls and seeing your classmates that makes you feel a certain connection to everything. As they say in High School Musical, “We’re all in this together”. And this really summarizes what my life has been like here at Harrison. Through all of the ups and the downs, we always seem to stick together. I know that sounds super lame, but it really does have a lot of truth to it. Two years ago, our student body lost a beautiful person to a horrible accident. We could have just expressed our sorrow and then tried to move on, but instead our school went the extra mile to create an entire football game theme dedicated to her. We came together as a school and supported the family and friends together, even though Maya Getz had never even started classes with us. Harrison has also been together through all of the good times. One of my favorite memories from my years here at Harrison was the Hoops for Hope basketball game during my junior year. This memory really has little to do with basketball. Our school had showed up West Side once again when it came to raising money for this wonderful fundraiser and our presence at their school was massive. At this particular game, you would stand out if you had not been wearing a black Hoops for Hope t-shirt. Our student section was just a huge sea of black, which was overflowing to different parts of the gym because of the amount of extremely dedicated students. The way that our student body goes above and beyond to make a difference in our community always surprises me.
This last year here at Harrison has really been one of the best years of my life. I have learned so much about myself and where I want to go from here. I am so proud to be in the class of 2015. We are such a great class because of our ability to look past social boundaries. No one person is subject to one certain social group. This fact had made it so easy to make friends with everyone in my class, and is why leaving here is going to be so bittersweet. When I walk the hallways every day, I look and smile at people passing me by. People that are not close friends with me, but yet we still know that our high school years have created this bond between us. As I walk by these people, I think about where they will be in a couple months. Will they be living a typical college life in a dorm room with mounds of homework around them? Will they be half way across the world exploring and learning abroad? Or will they be in town, working full time and trying to figure out their next step in life? Each of us has a different path. These four years have been designed to help us figure out what this path will look like for each of us. We may never walk past a certain person in the hallway ever again because their path is going the complete opposite direction of yours. Or we may overlap paths more often than not. But this uncertainty only means that we need to appreciate where we are now. Yes, we need to look ahead and be excited for the future, but it is also important to look around you now and remember what the last couple days of high school were like. Drastic changes are coming, and you don’t want to forget the memories that you made this year. I know I won’t.
Thank you Harrison. Thank you everyone who has been a part of this journey with me.                           And don’t forget, once a Raider, always a Raider.

Mallory Haag
High school was nothing I expected it to be. I thought it would be chaos and that everyone and their brother would be out to get one another, but I was wrong. I think the best thing about my high school experience was that you get to be your own person. No one is watching you all of the time, so you're able to transform into who you really are. I usually advise underclassmen to get involved in what they want, but to be involved in something. I have met so many people and no one friend is like the other. I've befriended the strangest people and the most academically advanced and I've realized that every single person is fantastic for reasons most people don't realize and that I was the same way. College will allow me to expand these talents and the support I have received from Ms. Janssen and several other teachers and friends will assist me in my academic career. I will pursue journalism at Indiana University this fall and will be a part of the Media Living Learning Center. My four years of journalism has made me certain that this career path will lead me in the right direction. 
Thank you for all of the memories, Harrison. 
Go Raiders!