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Mr. Marshall Becomes the Marshall of Harrison


Mr. Marshall Becomes the Marshall of Harrison


By Olivia Decrane

Even though Cory Marshall is new to the job, he is no stranger to the community.

He always been a resident of Tippecanoe County.

               Marshall was an English teacher at McCutcheon High School for 10 years, and was an administrator for Wea Ridge Middle School for 12 years, having been an assistant principal for two years and principal for 10.

               He also has experience as a coach.

               At first glance, Marshall appears to be a serious, steady man.

               But his appearance shouldn’t make students wary.  

               “I try to come off as if it’s the best day ever or if it’s the worst day ever, I’m consistent,” says Marshall.

               As for his goals for this school year, he is taking things as they come. Marshall is working hard to get to know everyone involved with Harrison, whether that be the faculty, students, or parents.

               “We have a lot of great things going on here already, so it’s exciting from the standpoint of being able to see what’s already in place and see what directions we want to go.”

               “I want to get to know people better and know how things work, and at the same time start to see how maybe we can make something that’s already really good even stronger,” says Marshall.

               Martha Doyle, who has taught at Harrison for 17 years, hopes that even with a new principal, Harrison will remain a very community-oriented school.

               “Teaching kids to be contributors to the community and leaders in the community—I think that’s just as important as the academic aspect of education,” says Doyle.

               If Marshall’s main goal is to get to know everyone better, then it seems safe to say that Doyle will get her wish.

               Students need not worry about any sudden, drastic changes due to the introduction of a new principal.

               Doyle says that the changes will be subtle and will have more impact on the faculty and staff, not the students.

               “It’s usually just the way they’re going to run meetings, how they’re going to communicate with us, how they want us to approach our teacher evaluations,” said Doyle. “It’s the cogs and the wheels of the school running, each principal does that a little bit differently.”

               Doyle mentions that one thing Marshall does well already is communication.

               Marshall is very proactive when it comes to making sure teachers are in the loop, so nothing comes unexpectedly.

               Since communication is a core part of being an administrator, it’s fantastic to know that Marshall already appears to be an expert.

               Marshall has to know how to communicate with not only students, but also teachers and other adults.

               A fun, perhaps unknown fact about Marshall is that he student taught at Harrison about 20 years ago.

               Ann Hammons was the teacher he student taught for, and she agrees that he knows how to communicate with different types of people.

               “In the classroom, he was very dynamic,” Hammons said. “But when he and I and other people talk, we laugh and carry on and he’s as funny as anybody else. But in the administrative role, he has to be the calm, cool, collected, level-headed voice of reason.”

               Marshall has definitely grown in the 20 years since he’s walked the halls of Harrison High School.

               “He’s one of those people that if you see him today or 20 years from today, you can just pick right up and talk and laugh and carry on.

               “He has grown into an administrator, a father, a husband… in all the good ways and in all the right ways. And I think that’s what makes him a good building leader.”

               Harrison’s former principal, Al Remaly, had a popular motto: “Good, Clean, Fun.”

               “I don’t have any famous mottos or saying,” said Marshall. “I think school should be fun. I think students should enjoy it.”

               Motto or not, Harrison is delighted to have Mr. Marshall as a new principal, and everyone is excited to see what is in store.