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Homecoming Madness


Homecoming Madness

Olivia DeCrane


Homecoming can be nerve-wracking for anyone, not just newcomers.

               Homecoming has many components, including the football game, the dance, the homecoming court, the dress, and the suit…

               It’s easy to get overwhelmed.

               Harrison students Claire Livingston, Patrick Abrahamson, and Nolan Risse have advice and guidance for anyone new to homecoming.

               First things first: the cost.

               Homecoming tickets are $15 per couple and $10 per single.

               However, one also has to take the other costs into account, like the dress or suit, car, makeup, and pictures, since it can really add up.

               While it depends on the person, Livingston guesses that in total, she spends around $150 on homecoming.

               Abrahamson and Risse both estimate about $60.

               “I don’t care about [the price],” says Livingston. “It’s worth it.”

               Everyone has seen someone get asked to homecoming before, and there’s many different methods.

               It can be big and showy, or just a simple question; but is asking casually worth it?

               “I’ve had it happen before, it’s very disappointing,” says Livingston.

               “It’d be nice to have something creative.”

               Risse disagrees.

               “I don’t think the presentation is a very big deal. I think if you ask them it’s good enough.”

               Typically, you go to homecoming with someone you know, but do you always have to know the person you’re going with?

               Abrahamson, Livingston, and Risse are all open to the idea of going with a stranger.

               “It would be fun,” says Livingston.

               Perhaps the most infamous aspect of homecoming is the homecoming court, including the senior king and queen, and the freshman, sophomore, and junior princes and princesses.

               Some may view homecoming court as a popularity contest and dislike it, while others are desperate to win.

               “I think it’s stupid,” says Abrahamson.

               Abrahamson would take his name off the nomination list, but Risse would not.

               “I would rock it,” says Risse.

               Lastly, Livingston and Risse have some final tips for those going to homecoming.

               “Make sure you wear a dress you won’t regret,” says Livingston.

               Risse’s advice?

               “Make sure the girl’s not going to break up with you.”