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All-American Harrison Cheerleader Goes to England


All-American Harrison Cheerleader Goes to England

Olivia DeCrane

Harrison Cheerleader Chosen for All-American Team

By Olivia DeCrane


                One of Harrison’s own had the opportunity to cheer in London’s New Year’s Day Parade over winter break.

                While at cheer camp over the summer, Riley Quakenbush, a sophomore on Harrison’s varsity cheerleading squad, was chosen by her coach to try out for the honor of being a UCA All-American. 

                Riley, who has been attending Harrison Cheer Clinics since kindergarten and has been on a cheer team since fourth grade, made it as an All-American.

                Those who made All-American this year had the chance to visit London for a week and cheer in the parade.

                London’s New Year’s Day Parade has almost 10,000 performers, and millions of people worldwide watch the parade live on their TVs.

                Balloons, cars, marching bands, and even donkeys are included in the parade.

                “My favorite part about London was definitely cheering in the New Year’s Day Parade,” said Quakenbush. “Cheerleading is not very common in London so everyone was so excited to watch us perform. I felt like a celebrity.”

                Quakenbush cheered with girls from all over the United States.

                “The group of girls I was with were all super sweet and amazing cheerleaders,” said Quakenbush. “Being around them helped remind me why I love the sport.”

                Since she was there for a week, Quakenbush was able to tour England’s capital and see the sights.

                She visited Big Ben, Windsor Castle, and Buckingham Palace, amongst other places. 

                Quakenbush’s experience in London was definitely a positive one, as she mentioned that the city was “beautiful.”

                Her love for cheerleading has definitely expanded.

                “My favorite thing about cheerleading is pumping the crowd up and always being able to feed off of their energy,” said Quakenbush.

“I also love being surrounded by all the positive people who are always pushing me to better myself as a person and cheerleader.”

Quakenbush is considering continuing to cheer in college on an all-girls team.

But until then, Harrison will be blessed with Quakenbush’s All-American presence at our own games.