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Trick-or-Treat Along the Halls


Trick-or-Treat Along the Halls

Olivia DeCrane

Trick-or-treating will be coming to Harrison High School.

Harrison’s National Honor Society will be holding a Trick or Treat event from 6-8 p.m. on October 21 in the basement of Harrison.

This is the second time National Honor Society will be conducting this activity.

Last year, it was an enormous success, with so many children attending that there was a threat of not having enough candy for everyone.

More than 500 kids attended and more are expected to come this year.

The event is for children fifth grade and under, and it is free.

Flyers have been distributed to elementary schools in the area.

At the event, members of the Honor Society will stand in pairs, scattered throughout the basement hallways, and kids will walk from pair to pair and receive candy.

Mrs. Howat hopes that if the success of the event continues to grow as it has been, that the event will eventually take place throughout the entire school, and not just the basement.

Kids will enter through the circle drive doors and walk throughout the basement, which is decorated with Halloween decorations.

They are encouraged to dress up and wear costumes.

The NHS members, along with members of Keyettes and HHS Buddies, will also be dressed up, but no worries: there will not be any scary costumes.

That means no clown masks.

Mrs. Howat and Mrs. Staszewski will accept bags of candy and monetary donations from anyone who wishes to donate.

The money will go to buying more bags of candy.

If you’re looking for a safe, fun way to take your kid out for trick or treating, don’t miss this event.