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Harrison Students Gather for Gaming Marathon


Harrison Students Gather for Gaming Marathon

Jack Gillespie

As Fall Break approaches, students are preparing for the festivities to be held for the occasion. Some have nothing planned, others will be attending Halloween parties, and some may still dress up and head out to Trick-or-Treat. But the gamers of Harrison High School will be sticking around the building over the weekend for the 24-hour Gaming Marathon being held over the weekend.

From 8 a.m. on Saturday to 8 a.m. on Sunday, students will be playing games of all systems and sizes from sunrise to sunset to sunrise. According to Beth Steinbrenner, HHS teacher and  supervisor of the Gamer’s Club, 50-100 students are expected to participate, whether they are a part of Gamer’s Club or people who have a passion for video games.

In order to be prepared for the 24-hour affair, students should bring a few things along with them to make the marathon as enjoyable as possible. Before even being allowed into the event, $10 for students not in the Gamer’s Club and a permission slip signed by a parent are required for entry.

Other than a pizza dinner on Saturday and donuts and fruit for Sunday morning, no other food will be provided by the school. So students who get hungry during the event are advised to bring their own snacks and drinks. Also, students who are too tired to go the whole 24 hours, pillows, blankets, and sleeping bags are recommended.

Above all, students will be have to bring their own gaming equipment. Consoles, controllers, games, monitors, and anything else required to play will not be provided by the school. There will be outlets for you to plug in everything as well as non-restricted internet.

All this gaming will not be going on without a charitable cause. This marathon is one of the many other events being held as part of Extra Life, a fundraising event that has raised over $22 million for various children’s hospitals since its inception in 2008. Not only will all the admission money not used to pay for the school-provided dinner and breakfast go to Riley’s Children’s Hospital, but a student will be using his 24 hours to raise money himself.

Mitchell Rogers, a current HHS senior, will be streaming various games in order to raise money via sponsors and donors for Riley’s Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis. Of his $1,000 goal, nearly $700 of it has already been raised, including an anonymous donation of $100.  

Besides raising money, the biggest goal of this marathon is for the students to enjoy themselves. Steinbrenner says even kids who aren’t fully immersed into Gamer’s Club or the gaming community in general can still enjoy socializing with other students.

“You can always meet new people doing different things,” she said. “I think that it’s going to be a lot of fun.”

Previous attendees have attested to the accessibility of the event. Wyatt Aveston, a HHS Junior who has gone to the marathon every year since 2014, said that casual gamers have been and will be welcome and that socializing with others with similar interests has been a highlight of previous years.

Whether it be to help raise donations, have a chance to get to know people with shared interests, or have an excuse to play video games all day and night, this 24-hour Marathon is one of the many ways you can spend your Fall Break.