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Doug Klumpe a Role Model to Teachers and Students Alike

Lucas Richter

Many teachers may rely on quantity for their students’ education, but Doug Klumpe prefers complexity when it comes to high-level math problems.

Doug Klumpe is a high-level mathematics teacher at Harrison High School who helps students prepare for college level courses by building upon their current knowledge of algebra and calculus.

But in addition to being a well-respected math teacher, he coaches many academic teams such as the robotics team and the math club contest.

“He has great advice on any question I have,” said Beth Steinbrenner, Algebra II teacher at Harrison High School. “He makes my job easier by helping with problems involving students, parents, or any other math question.”

Klumpe’s dedication to his job is one of the reasons he stands out due to his 31 years as a high school teacher and working an average of 55 hours per week.

In addition to his colleagues, he is also admired by his students because of his sense of humor and general upbeat attitude toward math, which can relieve many students of the stress caused by the course.

A significant part of Klumpe’s approach to calculus and algebra is his desire to see students grow into responsible students ready for college level classes in the near future for many of his students.

Doug Klumpe is admired by many students in addition to his colleagues for his variety of explanations to almost any math problem and the friendly atmosphere that his class provides.

“A lot of the fun energy he brings to the classroom is also reflected in the students within classroom,” said Carl Landskron, calculus student. “I’ve had Klumpe as a coach, a teacher, and an employer. I have never met someone who didn’t enjoy being in his presence.”

His class is considered by many as a calm and relaxing environment for study secessions, any school subject with assistance from peers or assistance on a complicated  homework assignment.

“The most beneficial thing to me is learning from Klumpe,” said Keegan Halter, pre-calculus student. “When the students in the class ask questions or pose examples and solve it as a group.”

Doug Klumpe’s specific style of teaching not only focuses on getting the answer but how to work with classmates on obtaining the solution to a complex math problem.