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Anita Norheim- Norweigan Exchange Student


Anita Norheim- Norweigan Exchange Student

Sam Arvin

With the abundance of German exchange students, it is a good change to see exchange students from different countries.

                Anita Norheim, an exchange student from Norway, is a senior at Harrison this year.

                “I will be in America 10 months, from August 2015 until June 2016,” said Norheim. “I miss home a little every now and then. I try to Skype my family and friends every other Sunday.”

                Norheim has been set on doing an exchange for a couple of years now.

                Norheim says that she can clearly see her English skills improving, and that people have told her so.

                “My English skills were not bad before I got here, but I can notice that it has become better,” said Norheim.

                Along with English, Norheim also speaks Norwegian and some Spanish.

                Norheim says that the structure of the school day in Norway is much different than it is here at Harrison.

                “In Norway, we have one class that stays in the same classroom, and the teachers change classrooms,” said Norheim.

                This is the same as what Harrison senior Aidan Leaird experienced on his exchange to Italy, and what German exchange student Leon Hilcken says school is like for him back home.

Norheim is on the Harrison girls swimming and diving team and has had a great time, finishing off her season last Saturday at the JV Invitational in Noblesville.

“Join the swim team,” says Norheim. “I have been able to meet some of my best friends there and to travel and see the other schools.”

Norheim still plans on joining a club and participating in a spring sport, but is undecided on what to do.

Two things that Norheim wishes to do are to go to Chicago and go to a Purdue game.

Norheim loves to go to Harrison games and cheer on and support her fellow Raiders.

“There is a lot I like about Harrison,” says Norheim. “Especially the amazing people here and the school spirit.”

All of the exchange students that have been interviewed thus far have said nothing but great things about Harrison and its students, thus Harrison is a perfect place for exchange students to come and experience American life while feeling comfortable doing it.